It's quite easy to use sex and alcohol and food as a distraction. I've been back on the fitness grind lately and in order to get the "el-bees" down I have to get my metabolism back in working order. Only issue is that need to be sure to do this sort of thing healthily. Workout at night means that a day of fasting isn't too great for ye ole stamina. Gotta suppress the natural desire to stuff my face and only use food for energy in the transition. The joy of devouring some delicious bacon, egg and chee escapes me through this act.

    I'm on my 4th day of a new "chapter". If I'm allowed to call it that... What sort of spatial dimension do we ~aliens~ cough humans think in when we start climbing up to the 25+ range? Either way, this new section comes with some deep reflection staying up at night. Partly due to the fact I'm hungry. Ah how easy it is to just give in to the urge tho. GIMME DAT SNACK.

    So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say fleeting thoughts are quite easy to miss. Full keto mode with a intermittent fasting diet tends to grab hold of your brain in a rollercoaster sort of way.So yeah, meditation is all about honing intention of thought but I'd say it's the depths and the dirt where individual creativity sparks. So why then is it so hard to be intentional about a workout past a couple/few days? Is there some human urge to break habits? Wrench in the cog gets us going? Maybe if you're Ryan Greenwell and you like mechanic things (hehe). So what about the habit of meditation? Easy to break the cycle and then where are we left? Building back the routine? Recurse().

    Best way I've found so far to be intentional with fitness is to start with a podcast. Joe Rogan and Snacks and TED Radio Hour are a few of my faves. Listening to Chong on Rogan tonight.

    I'm on the treadmill now writing this in between "sprint" phases. I've found that it's quite nice to take a little breather and write out how I'm feeling.

    .1 miles walk -> 1 mile run @ 7mph -> .5 walk @ 3mph -> 1 mile run @ 6mph -> now as I write walking; passing the 3.24 mile marker

    So my ex from a while ago is going on a remote year. Crazy to think what sort of experience that is. New city every few weeks and new country/region every few months. Either way it's been on my mind. Old memories arise. A while back I neglected "us" to chase an adventure. I wonder if it's any bit of the same for her. We're all chasing adventures, no?

    Been watching Greek the TV show lately. Currently at the end of season 2. So anyone gonna talk about how the Plain White T's played in all those episodes? Wtf? Well so by ending the last paragraph above with a "comma, no?" I remember vividly about how Frannie ends sentences with "comma, right?" and someone points it out sorta sarcastically. What's the psychology there? Also, is anyone gonna talk about how the screenwriters of Greek made us really think about some pretty deep topics? Dale's confederate flag? Rusty balancing school and social life? Rusty's standing up for Casey's girly and politically sorority life? Rooting for the Kappa Taus over the Omega douches? And then immediately after there comes a redemption arc of them embracing Calvin the gay and black pledge brother. There's a ton to unpack but yet they didn't really shove it down your throat. Where is that kind of writing nowadays? Meanwhile our bois David Benioff and DB Weiss killed off Game of Thrones for a run at Star Wars? Y'all murdered this plotline...

    Any PC gamers out there? Classic World of Warcraft is coming back. I'm reminded just how much I loved my community and my innocence back then. Neopets with all the neighbor kids -> RuneScape with the elementary folks ("BigEagle0" was my username... just why) -> World of Warcraft (when your /played reaches 365...) -> Halo end of middle school and early high school.




    I ramble when I write but I think this is exactly what we're lacking these days. There's some good ass content on Twitter but there's also way too much noise.

    "intention of thought bars creativity"

    I'm fortunate enough to have a job where I can take a day "off" from "intention" and work on my personal "intentions". As a developer, I can leave my terminal open and write some good ol' markdown and nobody's the wiser. Nobody has to know that what I'm writing about has close to nothing to do with my work... other than the fact that IMO it's exactly this self exploration as to why I'm (*pat pat*) so good at my job.

    I have a real good friend Emily that loves to chat about tech but she knows it from sort of a bird's eye view. Thus is the life we computer science folk live. Hell, just the other day I was walking out a meeting and went to turn off the camera in the meeting room and thought "oh, gotta be sure I shut this down to conserve energy" which sparked some quick mafs and I went down the rabbit whole into trying to calculate how much power a usb webcame actually draws.

    Back to Em and our tech convos, so someone on Hacker News got eviscerated (fun fact this is also a rogue spell in WoW) because he talked about an offline future where mesh networks of phones gave us diversity of control and the robots don't win. Am I wrong to be Samuel Harrison (East of Eden reference) always dreaming up the future? Ain't nobody can poo poo 💩 my overly optimistic dreams.

    Song comes on that I like:

    More in a bit. Lemme get another mile at 7mph.




    Finish up and mile marker now says 5.17. Incline up to 8 (degrees? wtf is this number and is it standard?) back down to 3mph.

    Another song:

    So IMO this song cuts wide and deep. Songs are sort of a spectrum of emotion that are sometimes Alice in Wonderland and back out and others are just a broad range of topics and fleeting thoughts back and forth. This is a good example of both combined.

    I watched the Matrix (numero uno) last night. While I've been introspective it seemed like an ideal kinda experience to reevaluate the plot.

    Music is motivation to me. It gets me started in the morning and it quiets me down at night. I'd love a note taking system that fetches each new song I play as I write and then maps it to a certain character. This way I might could get the history of my writing in some sort of video and then theres a song link to each moment. Ideal sort of data structure for Noms tbh. Git and time and music and notes... Wow, fits well.

    So I need to pay back my dad for helping me out for two months in NYC while I was out of work (logner story). And we discussed earlier before the gym how Venmo has a cap on transaction amount and then I brought up how Zelle has no cap because it's tied closer to ACH (I think). All this brought back up some thoughts about the whole timeline of easy transactions: Venmo > Braintree > PayPal. Not a great lineage to be honest. We're all wary of their ownership. Maybe that's the one redemption of the story our GoT boys rushed and ended. That whole heriditary lineage of rule thing is bullshit past a certain amount of democracy IMO. Competition drives progress(.|?) Zelle is a good example of refactoring an old, out of date ACH system. It comes at the perfect time with companies like N26 and TransferWise as well. I don't think many people know that the old founders of Skype left after selling to MSFT and started up TransferWise. It's basically currency arbitrage where one day you control enough volume to make your own exchange... It's mind b/mending.

    Mending and bending. Do those words have similar etymology?

    Before I go to bed tonight I want to post this but before I do, for the few songs I post I want to get the Spotify Echo Nest visualizer on them. I should be able to add as is from the sample app and maybe pass them in as a prop to Vue component if I feel like it.

    I'm a little scared about my meetings tomorrow. It's what I've been asking for though. Departmental collaboration between my team, other product teams and 1-on-1 with my fave man Ryan Walsh on our infrastructure team.

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    Thank y'all kindly for the read!