Amplify is about to release a new product. An amalgamation of 1+ years of work with a team of 1 engineer manager, 1 product owner and roughly 5 individual contributor engineers.

The first goal:

Reduce the time it takes for a teacher to get a lesson on their screens in the classroom.

The long-term goal:

Teach what you want... to who you want... whenever you want. In or out of the classroom... with or without devices.

The app is thusly named "Classroom".

Problem statement

Lesson plans take a while to build. When you're an elementary school teacher with multiple domains/subjects to worry about this stuff all adds up. Sometimes you need a on-rails experience when you're outside of your comfort zone and other times you want Mr. Battaglia's special sauce included in the mix.

Monkeys flinging shit at the wall

  • Google Slides is the best "PowerPoint" editor
  • Bring your own handouts and lesson details you've already made over the years
  • A mailbox for students to receive new work asynchronously across all their classes/teachers
  • The slide viewer needs to be vectorized to scale infinitely on any device

2 years in NYC

It's been a hot minute since that first fateful moving trip to NYC with all my shit in plastic lidded boxes I bought from Walmart the day before. Ratchet straps and some fancy tetris and suddenly I'm on my way to NYC to get to "work" on a Tuesday to negotiate my contract. Was at my client, Amplify, the following Monday and deep into a project within the next couple weeks as the lead consultant on a team of 2.

For my first "real job" out of college

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