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Late Night

I finally went to bed around 11:30pm last night. Woke back up at 3:30am with this hyper productivity mindset. Back to my computer and looking at the rest of the NPM packages I still need to work through for cdbattaglia-web and decided to choose the @down-the-whole/intro.

This package is very unique because it's just a frontend but with some fanciness in the form of React/TypeScript all in Vite which is the VitePress system of bundling SSR but not in realtime. I could even use this for SSR if I really wanted to...?

Vite is marvelous because it operates at lightspeed. Think of it like Uber Fusion.js meets Vue and others!

.gitignore File Copy

This would make a great binary that I can make in Rust.

curl > .gitignore

PIM -> Magento -> Mirakl

  • offers
    • inventory
    • price
  • products
    • name
    • SKU
    • etc

Twitter Opinions

"Still find it hard to voice my opinion on twitter. I am like oh i could reply here. Then I am like no that’s stupid."

"My rule of thumb is pretend like the whole world is listening"

"Privacy doesn't exist online"

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