Two days from now is a full moon that's dubbed "Sturgeon Moon". Other names for this Full Moon include Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, and Barley Moon.

So what the heck is a sturgeon? It's a big ol' fish.

Lake sturgeons do not only live in lakes; they also live in rivers, but not in the ocean. This monster fish used to be a major part of the ecosystems in North America's Great Lakes, Hudson Bay, and in the Mississippi River, and they were once found all the way from Canada to Alabama. Today, the lake sturgeon has become one of the rarest fish in North America because of intense overfishing in the 19th century, pollution, and damage to their habitat and breeding grounds due to agriculture and lumbering.

That said, after July 4th, 2020 and the blood moon I'm eager to look into the moon phases. I found it pretty awesome that a full moon fell on the night after independence day. You could even see some of the red the night before on the 4th.

For whatever reason, the fireworks all around me ("bombs bursting in air"), I had some epiphany of 26 years old that I want to devote my life to a certain purpose. This "path" relates to findings in math, science, neurology, history and many other subjects. The gist of it is that I want to start a "single payer" company. Club -> consulting -> VC -> company XYZ -> research -> charity.

Full Moons and Effects on Personality?

My mother just retired from teaching middle school special education reading. She is a saint that woman. The patience someone needs to have for those kids and the helicopter parents who follow closely behind them.

We used to joke every once in a while that "oh, it must be a full moon" whenever there would be a crazy day at work, etc.

So what about the science?

I'm starting to think that potentially there is some force in nature like some minimal version of radiation that can interact with the brain in different manners. Maybe planetary mass like gravity and reflection of signals given by satellites causes us to go a little wild?

Green house gases released upward and then ping the moon and bounce back at us?

Potentially then some people like me with brain trauma injuries in their life have mood swings like the tides and it's purely a sensitivity thing...?

Another note is that there was some heavy Gamma radiation in Atlanta according to the Radnet database and combined with the blood moon curiosities and a potential star going supernova on the same weekend?

What speed does Gamma radiation travel?

The Gamma rays ( γ- Rays) are also part of the vast EM radiation, so they also travels with the speed of Light c (3 x 10^8 m/s). Gamma-rays are the most energetic form of light, due to their high energy they can be used in cancer diagnosis. Gamma rays are produced by very high temperature regions of the universe.



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