I want to cautiously voice 📣 that the following are not strongly held "opinions" but rather attempts to transparently put forth extremely hard questions rattling around in my head and the ensuing research towards them.

I intend to use this post/page/writing to reach others that might have similar thoughts/questions.

Please, please don't think me evil questioning/considering reality, religiousness, social norms, sexuality, etc. I do not wish to hinder my professional work through this writing and I will do everything in my power to partition these thoughts from my practiced/business work even in places where mathematical philosophy, computer science and software engineering might cross paths.

My contact information is readily available and I embrace discussion! Please feel free to join at https://discord.gg/JemYHj8 for updates, communication, voice chats, etc! Just ping me wherever! I love Discord for its marvelous capabilities of group voice chat.

background bits

As a sort of "personal mission statement", I want to strive to identify my personal biases or any potential life context that might result in a strong opinion one way or another.

To contextualize my life thus far:

Other "statements"?

personal philosophic identification

A good friend of mine once referred to these "thought chains" as anti-nihilistic:

Anti-nihilists are courageous because they dare to turn the tables on nihilism. They embrace nihilism. But rather than dwell on it, rather than drown in the glass-is-half-empty ennui of it all, they decide to swim, and they keep swimming.

It’s our meaninglessness within which to create my own meaning. It’s our illusion to play with. We are the ones laughing at the cosmic joke instead of merely being the butt-end of it.

from https://fractalenlightenment.com/35998/life/authentic-existentialism-from-nihilism-to-anti-nihilism

Some might recoil at this label, but I think it's a wonderful example of breaking free of a formalized system by taking the converse. Anti-nihilism is different than the "opposite of nihilism".

links that provoked this "article"



Cognitive Networks: Brains, Internet, and Civilizations (2017)

Vipassana meditation

Woo-Woo (Gremlins)

Joe Rogan and Lawrence Krauss

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