• wheels of a train on a train track
      • a rail tire is usually made from steel, and is typically heated and pressed onto the wheel, where it remains firmly as it shrinks and cools. Monobloc wheels do not have encircling tires, while resilient rail wheels have a resilient material, such as rubber, between the wheel and tire.
      • turning into a stop is just like this process
        • want to use the outside turn rail as much as possible
    • lift your up-run leg up
    • quit while you're ahead
      • strive for more difficulty but gauge the level of control you have
    • don't be a "Jerry" or a "Gaper"
    • no pizza; only french fry
    • stand up straight; no 💩 (taking a shit) stance
    • inside thigh burn
    • foot arch burn because rentals have flat soles
    • remember to hydrate
    • stop and enjoy the view
    • quit worrying what other people think of you
    • follow a more experienced friend's line and watch their technique
    • always pack a whiskey flask
    • invest in some good goggles that don't fog up
      • visibility is numero uno
    • always bring something for your neck/face (you don't have to use it)

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